Hydrogen Fueling Stations

The Beginnings of an Infrastructure

Current and Future Installations

Currently there are 12 publicly accessible H2 stations in the US. They include:

  • 10 in California centered around Los Angeles and Sacramento/San Francisco
  • 1 in Wallingford, CT
  • 1 in Columbia, SC

Over the next two years, an additional 43 stations are scheduled to open. The additional stations will include:

  • 40 new stations in CA
  • 1 in Braintree, MA
  • 1 in Ithaca, NY
  • 1 in Pinellas Park, FL (Our Hydrogen Station)

Our Hydrogen Station

The site for our hydrogen filling station will be on the same premises as our other facilities. Polycerf, Inc. is the engineering company providing services to Polypack, Inc. and also owns the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Polypack, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial packaging equipment with over 50 years in the business and full in-house capabilities including engineering and fabrication. Attached to Polypack is the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, a collection which pays homage to the engineering feats of the 1920s and 30s. The tops of both facilities are currently covered with a 1,000 panel solar array which provides the energy to cover daily operations for both entities.

Our facilities are currently undergoing a considerably large expansion; more solar panels will also be added to increase the amount of power generated. We will be adding a hydrogen fueling station to the property, with a specific focus on generating hydrogen gas through electrolysis that is powered 100% by the sun's rays. This fueling station will also serve as a showroom for hydrogen fuel cell technologies, complete with cars on-hand for demonstrations and Q/A sessions with the public.

Site plan for expansion and hydrogen fueling station

Center for Hydrogen and Next Generation Energy (Opening in 2017)

The goal of our hydrogen filling station and educational center is to help propel fuel cell technology as a replacement for fossil fuels. As a company that works with high tech engineering and embraces automotive engineering of the past, we hold an interest in helping to propel mankind into a more eco-friendly infrastructure.

We understand the current challenges of an infrastructure change of this scale. We feel that it is important to start now, not only to develop the supply line, but to help generate the demand as well. Our intentions are to assist with expanding a network of fueling stations throughout Florida and the East coast.