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A Polycerf, Inc. Project

While the term has traditionally divided our country along political lines, the 2014 U.S. Climate Change Report from NOAA demonstrates that Global Warming is science fact rather than science fiction. The change in weather is not an act of God, but instead the result of mankind. It is a direct consequence of our activities here on Earth.

Global warming is caused by an increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This, in turn, insulates the planet, trapping heat which would otherwise escape to space. This CO2 is the result of the burning of fossil fuels dating back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. As our needs for energy have increased, so has the resultant pollution and greenhouse gas levels.

Elevating ditches in cities and improving the handling of storm water are great propositions, but the situation will persist with no end if mankind does not suppress its CO2 emissions. This will take some time, but we have to start the process without further delay. The technological solutions already exist.

Solar and wind energy can alleviate the amount of fossil fuels burned every day to power our homes, businesses and factories. Electric cars exist, but charging them simply displaces the pollution to the power plant.

Electric cars powered by fuel cells have arrived. Unfortunately, it lacks the willingness of our Government to implement a network of refueling stations and to propel the market for fuel cell vehicles. The chicken and the egg must be created simultaneously.

Yes, there will be some incurred costs, at least in the beginning. A carbon tax, anathema to lobbies with fossil fuel interests, must be created. In 1940, the American war machine incurred significant costs to defend freedom; the cost to save our planet for future generations is small by comparison.

We are working on a new project for Polycerf, the Center for Hydrogen and Next Generation Energy, which will see its first installation of a sustainable hydrogen generating and refueling station in 2017. We will have an integrated showroom for fuel cell vehicles, and even offer rides and demonstrations with the goal of paving the way to clean, sustainable transportation.

Click here to read a PDF on our project.

We welcome any questions or comments regarding the use of Hydrogen as an atlernative to fossil fuels, as well as any discourse for hydrogen infrastructure development in Florida.

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